Friday, April 10, 2009

The Benefits of Online Education

Around 20 percent or 3.5 million college students are enrolled in online courses in 2008. That is 10 percent increase in 2007. Moreover, they are enrolled in either one or two courses at a time. You may wonder why the numbers keep climbing up. You may also want to know why it matters to you. The answer is simple: you have a huge market ahead of you. If you can tap on such market, then you have a gold mine right in front of you. You have a business that you can sustain for so many years. 

There are plenty of reasons why online education is a certified boom:

1. It provides early graduates an opportunity for career growth. Perhaps you are familiar with this situation: a good employee has the chance of becoming a manager—only if he or she has a master’s degree in management. However, there is a problem. He or she may not have the time to do so, more so the money for the tuition fees and other education-related expenses such as travel costs. 

Online education therefore provides the right solution to their dilemmas. They can choose a lot of master’s degree courses and even PhD programs. They can also select the most ideal school for themselves. They can find one that is operating within their area. This way, should a lesson demands interaction with the teacher, they can easily meet up. 

2. It lessens their expenses. Do you know how comfortable online education is? You no longer have to go to school all the times. In fact, you may never have to be inside a four-walled classroom or meet your teacher and classmates at all (that depends on the program you have chosen, of course). This then means that there is no need to set aside money for board and lodging, transportation, and food. All you need to be concerned about will be the tuition fee, which is actually not as huge as those from offline colleges and universities. You may have to pay miscellaneous fees for your materials, but it is going to be very minimal. 

3. You can get a diploma or a certificate. Though there are others who simply enroll themselves in an online education to further their learning, there are also a lot who want to earn a certificate or a diploma. These documents can be used when you want to apply for a job, enhance your career opportunities, or add to your portfolio. Once you have finished the course, you can then ask for your diploma to be sent into your mailbox (home or office). In fact, if you enrolled yourself in an international school, you can obtain a diploma or certificate that is accredited in several countries. 

4. You can take advantage of competent teachers. Most, if not all, teachers in legitimate online education programs are real professionals. They have earned their respective degrees, and there are even a number of them who have master’s and PhD degrees. This means that you are not really shortchanged of your learning when you go for online courses. 

Today, there are more online education teachers, perhaps because a lot of them are also searching for additional income. 

5. You can be very flexible. One of the beauties of online education is that you can be flexible in terms of your school hours, class size, and courses that you want to take. You can also choose to work on your materials when you are on vacation or in a coffee shop. 

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