Friday, January 16, 2009

Steps in Creating a Career Assessment Tests for Students

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What are career assessment tests? These are tests that can be used for the following reasons. They help students determine what kinds of jobs they will be interested in getting right after school. They can also be used to determine the interests of examinees, so they can choose the right courses for themselves. Career assessment examinations are also extremely helpful for those who are dealing with education leads. They can use these to qualify their prospects as well as to identify which products they have to offer to them. Your goal is to make sure that you can match students with the right programs and sometimes universities.

But how do you exactly create an assessment test? Creating one is actually not an easy one. It’s not a simple “take your pick among the choices” test. Every question should be well-thought-out and can definitely be used for whatever objective you have in mind.

To help you out, you can follow the guidelines below:

1. Have an educator or a psychologist. Most of the career assessment examinations are usually created by these professionals. After all, they already have the right academic background, experience, and expertise to be highly qualified to make one. Psychologists, for example, have spent considerable time studying student behavior or career choice patterns. They can utilize this knowledge in producing a well-defined and measurable career assessment test.

2. Define your goals. What will be the ultimate purpose of your career assessments? It could be that you’re offering a whole new program for your school, and you want to determine if there’s going to be market for it. Of course, it could also be that you’re looking for qualified leads for such. In fact, you may even have an existing course, and you wish to increase your number of enrollees. These objectives will help you design the questions in your test. For example, if you are offering a new master’s of nursing program, you may want to ask existing nurses or those who are about to graduate if they will be interested in pursuing further education.

3. Make sure that your career assessment tests are measurable, dependable, and valid. Don’t treat them as another online quiz that your visitors can answer in their spare time. First, you must be able to generate empirical values out of them. Every choice in each question, for instance, may correspond to a certain point. Based on the example given above, you may rate those who say yes with a perfect 10 and those who don’t with 0.

The career assessment tests should also be reliable. This means that no matter how many times the student may take them, the result will always be the same. If they make modifications of their answers, then the results should also reflect such changes.

Lastly, ensure that the tests are valid. It should measure what it says it should. For instance, if the career assessment examination is to determine a student’s inclination to medicine, then it should inform him if he is or not. This also means that you are responsible in providing all examinees with results after every test.

4. Have your tools ready. Career assessment tests also need to be evaluated, and you may have to make use of some tools for that. They may range from crude to simply state of the art. The most important thing, though, is that the program can interpret data well. With that, you may want to run some tests to determine its capacity.

A career assessment test is not only a great come-on for your website, but can also assist you in determining your education leads.

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